Disaster Bug Out Bag

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This disaster grab bag is packed full of emergency and survival gear. it is designed to be grabbed at a moments notice to aid in the event of an evacuation.

25 litre para day sack olive
disaster survival instructions
crusader cooking system black
fire dragon fuel (6 x 27 ml per box)
fireball flint & striker – grand
tinder card
waterproof matches
10 litre collapsible water container
water purification tablets
salt sachets
mess tins
plastic spoons
millennium energy bars (cherry)
all day breakfast pouch meal*
lancashire hotpot pouch meal *
chilli con carne pouch meal*
chicken tikka masala pouch meal*
2″ mayday signalling mirror
howler whistle
wind-up dynamo radio / torch / flashlight combo
printed bags
lifesaver 2 first aid kit (intermediate)
toilet paper rolls
snap-seal waterproof bag

*please note contents may change due to availability.